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    Xinhua News Agency published a long article explaining the credibility of Jimin ...


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    [Boao Forum] Jimin Trustworthy Li Xin: ...


Xinhua News Agency published a long article explaining the original intention and firmness of Jimin's credible development ... 【博鳌论坛】济民可信李鑫:守正是底线,创…… 2019-12-03 [Boao Forum] Jimin Trustworthy Li Xin: Keeping to the bottom line and creating ... 【博鳌论坛】济民可信李鑫:以患者为中心提…… 2019-12-02 [Boao Forum] Jimin Trustworthy Li Xin: Patient-centered ... 济民可信金水宝:铸中药品质之基造精品国药…… 2019-12-02 Jimin's credible Jinshuibao: Casting the quality of traditional Chinese medicine to create fine Chinese medicine ... 2019中国大健康产业高峰论坛济民可信收…… 2019-11-22 2019 China's Great Health Industry Summit Forum 江西民营企业百强榜单发布济民可信集团排名…… 2019-10-31 The list of top 100 private enterprises in Jiangxi released the ranking of Jimin Trusted Group ... 黄氏响声丸:精益古方产业化与创新研究的典…… 2019-10-31 Huang's Xiangsheng Wan: A classic study of lean ancient recipe industrialization and innovation ... 悉能:见证中国制药自主创新之路 2019-10-29 Xineng : Witnessing the independent innovation of China's pharmaceutical industry 2019-10-16

Innovation R & D With independent research and development as the core, through global cooperation, we will continue to improve the drug research and development system combining innovation and imitation.

quality control Under the entire international standard quality control system, advanced pharmaceutical equipment is used to manufacture high-quality drugs.

Product field Five product pipelines, focusing on drugs in the fields of kidney disease, tumors, pain, breathing, and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

济民可信的存在价值,就是以济世之心,行惠民之举;诚信为品,造福天下。 Jishihuimin believes that the world 's credible existence value is to serve the people with the heart of the world; honesty is the quality of the world. For more than two decades, Jimin Credibility has always fulfilled its corporate mission, persisted in innovation, and promoted the vigorous development of China's pharmaceutical industry.

Social responsibility

As of 2018, the company's various charitable donations have totaled more than 500 million yuan and won the "China Charity Outstanding Contribution Award" of the China Charity Federation.

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